Children's Resources




-Parent/caregiver guide to help children cope emotionally with COVID-19 - AAETS

-Positive parenting during social distancing and isolation - End Violence Against Children

-Tips on how to quarantine with your family during COVID-19 - CSTS

-COVID-19 outbreak factsheet for families - NCTSN

-Advice for parents of young children during epidemic - LSUHSC 

-Supporting older children and adolescents during COVID-19 - LSUHSC

-A comic for kids based on a radio story by NPR education reporter Cory Turner.  Children can print a zine -version and fold it like a comic book.

-A free COVIBOOK for families to help children under the age of 7 discuss emotions due to the current world situation.  Book is available in over 20 languages.

-Support strategies to help individuals with Autism through uncertain times - AFIRM

- Rainbow Breathing video, a guided breathing exercise to help calm children.

- A video showing the brain & amygdala hand model to explain how thoughts and emotions fuel anxiety - EmpowerU

Reactive Strategies to Reboot an "emotional" brain to a "logical" brain - EmpowerU



-Books that Help Children Build Resiliency Book list curated by Kat Kan and Sam Gay from Bay County Public Library, as featured on “How Ya Doing Bay County?” podcast, Episode 14

-How to support children's resilience in a time of crisis - AAP

-Activities, games, videos and more from Sesame Street to help children learn coping and resiliency skills



-Free safety resources to keep children safe online - Lauren's Kids

-FAQs on how to recognize the signs of child abuse - Florida Dept. of Children and Families

-Fact sheet on how parents & caregivers can help prevent sexual violence and supporting survivors - NSCRV

- Understanding child trauma - SAMHSA




-What's the difference between a psychologist, therapist and counselor - AAP

-When to seek help for your child - AACAP

-Signs of depression in children and adolescents - AACAP

-How to promote emotional growth and development in young children - ICDL

-Bay District School's Student Wellness site -Bay District Schools

-Mental health resources for teens and young adults - NAMI

- Help and support for eating disorders - ANAD

- Warning signs/FACTS sheet for  youth at risk of suicide - Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

-Hotlines as well as help & informational lines for teens, organized by subjects

-ADHD resources and more at

-Tips to prevent substance abuse and support for managing recovery for parents & caregiver - Partnership to End Addiction

- Signs of teen drug use and more tips for parents - J. Flowers Health Institute








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